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Mega Wellness Summit 2016!

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Mega Wellness Summit Mind, Body, Spirit Connection 

Meet Your Host

Nikki Jencen

Nikki is a certified holistic health coach, gluten free chef, and founder of Women's Wellness Academy  who specializes in helping women and families live with purpose, health and passion.


Nikki loves writing to her tribe each week for "Recipe Tuesday" where she emails a new healthy, gluten free recipe every Tuesday. 

Meet Our Experts


Body Week

March 13th-19th

Children's Immunity
Heart Health
Keto Diet
Keto Diet
Gut Health
Ayurvedic Medicine
Adrenals, Candida, & Parasites
Oral Health
Children's Health

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Connect with Your Host

Nikki Jencen

Mind Week

March 20th-26th

#MWS is an online summit that features 30 experts in the health and wellness business. For 3 weeks, starting March 13th, there will be 1-2 featured speakers and live interactive shows. Each week will feature a different category: Mind, Body & Spirit. 


Each expert will be featured for 24 hours. There is no fee to join or listen. Would you like to have all of the 30+ interviews, transcripts, recipes, for life? Purchase a MWS package! Thank you for supporting Mega Wellness Summit. 

What is

Mega Wellness Summit?

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The Emotion Code
Presence is Power
Emotional Release Technique
Minerals For The Mind
Essential Oils
Physical Mindset
Theta Healing
Mental Health

Spirit Week

March 27th-April 2nd

The Child's Spirit
The Five Levels of Attachment
Yoga For The Working Spirit
Angel Guidance
Spiritual Collective
Juicing For Your Spirit

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Journaling For The Spirit
Women's Spirit
Emotional Freedom Technique

Connect with your host

Nikki Jencen

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Nikki is a certified holistic health coach, gluten free chef, and Founder of Women's Wellness Academy who specializes in helping women and families live life to its fullest! 


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The Word On the Street 

#MWS 2015

"Nikki and Sean Croxton are my favorite interviewers" 

"That was incredible! These interviews are blowing my mind!" 

"I never realized what gluten was doing to my body, I loved Dr. David Clark's presentation!" 

"Wow, there's so much information that I'm getting out of these interviews" 

"Mega Wellness Summit really changed my perspective on what I was eating, thank you."

"I loved Nikki's questions, she captured what I was thinking...The next Oprah?"

Produced by Nikki Jencen. Mega Wellness Summit and Nikki Jencen © 2016, All rights reserved. Nikki Jencen is the sole creator and founder of Mega Wellness Summit. Nikki Jencen is not paid by experts, and MWS is solely funded by Nikki Jencen. 


The contents of this site are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.