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Our mission is to uplift the lives of women through improving their life, health, and happiness and through that process,

we transform our future.


















Thank you for joining Women's Wellness Academy, please take a moment to fill out our registration form so we can learn more about you. We want to ensure your experience is memorable and above all else life changing. 

Women's Wellness Academy does not offer medical advice and should not be misconstrued as such. Only medical professionals have the right and the licensure to prescribe and offer their medical advice to their patience. Women's Wellness Academy is a program based uncredited school that provides only information to the consumer in which the consumer has all rights not to follow or participate. All participants hold full responsibility to their medical and healthcare needs. All statements made in the Women's Wellness Academy are NOT medical or healthcare related advice.


All students participate at their own risk. We hope to exceed your expectations but for whatever reason you are not satisfied, please contact Nikki Jencen within the first 30 days of purchasing to recieve a full refund. We ask that you give the first 4 weeks your very best, and show that you participated in the program. If you aren't completely satisfied within the first 30 days, Nikki Jencen will refund your money, no questions asked. We ask that you do not share or forward your  personal login information as you are the only person with permission to access the WWA membership site.

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