Why Is My Kids Butt Itchy?

You should have seen my face when my 11 year old son came to me and said that his butt was itchy. That could only mean one of a few things: hemorrhoids, parasites, pinworms, or leftovers after a poop, also known as “monkey butt”.

After my son came to me in what seemed like agony and pain, I reached for my cure-all…coconut oil. He shoved globs of oil up his bum, and was able to get immediate relief, but unfortunately the itching came back. We kept on with the oil, but it never really treated anything, sadly, it was just a Band-aid.

I started to take the itching more seriously. That’s when I started researching on the almighty GOOGLE, and I have to admit, I was totally freaked out. But instead of taking my kid to the doctor, I followed the protocols that were suggested on various blogs and natural health websites. Which I believe, was the best thing I could have done for my myself and my son. After all the research I did, I certainly got quite the education.

To be honest, I was afraid to give my son anti-parasite supplements since everyone reacts differently with parasite die off. So I tried Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Powder on myself first to see how my body would react. If I had a bad reaction to it, I surely didn’t want to give it to my son. Oh boy, let me tell you something, it was a game changer. After taking it for a couple of days, I felt like Superwoman. My skin looked amazing, my energy was back, no more brain fog, this stuff was an actual miracle. It even healed hypo-pigmentation that I had been dealing with for over two years!

After interviewing Dr. Jess Armine on The Nikki Jencen Show, it was confirmed that what I was doing for my son was right! Dr. Armine informed me that one of the biggest signs for pinworms is anal itch especially at night. The itchiness intensifies around the full moon as the eggs hatch into worms, and that’s exactly what we experienced too. GROSS!

Now don’t be alarmed, not every child will get pinworms or even parasites just by going to school or playing at the park. The biggest question I had after my interview with Dr. Armine was, “why would my family get parasites, when we have super awesome immune systems?” or so I thought. Dr. Armine stated those who are immune compromised are more likely to get parasites. In my opinion, I believe anyone can pick up parasites. What do you think? Leave a comment below and share your story and thoughts!

How to heal from pinworms / parasites using Dr. Jess’s recommendations, (just click to purchase; these are the best brands that I use and trust - disclosure, I may get a little kick back with your purchase, so thank you for supporting me!):

  1. Diatomaceous Earth about ½ tablespoon to start (I give my son a full tablespoon, working up to 2 tablespoons)

  2. Black Walnut

  3. Wormwood

  4. Pomegranate juice

  5. S. Boulardi

  6. Oil of Oregano

  7. Colloidal Silver

  8. Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS)

  9. Isatis

  10. Kawa

  11. Houtinyia

  12. Zeolite, or Bentonite (detoxifiers)

  13. Packaged parasite cleanses (Nikki recommends) Scram

Of course, I always recommend talking to your doctor first, especially an Integrative Medicine MD. Go slow, and work your way up on any anti-parasitic regime. Also, parasites are smart. They can actually trick your mind, and use your thoughts to give them what they need such as sugar and carbohydrates. This is very important to understand. If you are craving sugar, it’s because the parasites need to eat.