How to Detox Your Kids from Halloween Candy

There are no doubts that sugar is toxic for the body. But Halloween is that one day that most all parents (including health freak little ol’ me) allow their kids to splurge on some GMO, toxic candy.

Question is: how do parents detox their kids after consuming Halloween candy?

Dr. Kendra Becker was on the show, a Doctor of Naturopathy, who advised us not to go crazy when it comes to detoxing kids. She does, however, give some tips of preventatives, supplements, and best practices when it comes to detoxing kids.

This is by no means, medical advice. Merely suggestions, take it or leave it!


Dr. Kendra advises to start cleansing BEFORE Halloween. By cleansing, she means, purging the house of junk food and moving toward a more natural, whole food diet. Dr. Kendra stated, “prevention is key” when it comes to detoxing kids. If the child’s immune system is already in tact when the holiday arrives, the child may refuse or not acknowledge treats at all. Kids with rock start immune systems will also purge toxins quickly.

Dr. Kendra uses a fantastic analogy: a non-smoker walks into a store and sees cigarette’s behind the counter, the non-smoker doesn’t acknowledge the cigarette’s because their body isn’t craving nicotine. The same goes for sugar. If the body is absent of processed foods (or “foods” that are high in sugar), the body won’t crave it, hence there will be no reaction to wanting to consume it.


Dr. Kendra and I both believe that healing with food is the most beneficial way to absorb vitamins and minerals. It’s easy for the body to recognize the vitamins and extract it from the food. However, supplementation is necessary sometimes. Supplements are easy to digest, and absorb, and great to use as a crutch especially for picky little eaters.

Dr. Kendra suggests boosting the immune system with vitamin A, D, fish oil, minerals, algae (draws out toxins from the body), and probiotics. More details are in the video!

Below are suggestions for supplements, but also foods that your child can eat to retrieve those vitamins (these are Amazon Affiliate links, so when you purchase I may earn a few cents - thank you for supporting me!).

--> Vitamin A rich foods: carrots, tomatoes, spinach, kale, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, apricots (red and orange foods are high in vitamin A)

--> Vitamin D rich foods: raw cheese, pastured eggs, grass fed beef, grass fed butter, raw grass fed yogurt, wild caught fish, natural sunlight, and mushrooms. I like Nordic Naturals Vitamin D, it's not synthetic and has appropriate IUs for little ones:

--> High Grade Fish Oil: Carlson

--> Probiotics: Renew Life Kids Probiotic 3 Billion

--> Green algae (Nikki’s suggestion): pHresh greens Organic Raw Alkalizing Superfood Greens Powder, 2 Month Supply, Non-GMO and Gluten Free - 10oz:

--> Rainbow Light - Bear Essentials Multivitamin and Mineral - Gummy Supplement Provides Vitamin D3; Vitamins C, A, and E Support Immunity and Heal