Quick Post Holiday Exercises To Burn Fats Fast

January 18, 2018

Holidays are a time of over-indulgence and relaxation but all too often, once they are over we come back relaxed but with a few pounds of extra unwanted weight – so what can you do to burn off that holiday fat fast? 


There are many quick fix options but all it really takes is upping your exercise and making sure you carry out your new routine consistently every day. If you follow a regular routine, just add extra weights or an extra circuit and follow the tips below. You will soon see the fat melting away and those extra pounds will just be part of your holiday memories. 


Here are some quick tips and exercises to help you trim the post-holiday excess. 


Take up running 

Going jogging is a known exercise to burn off the calories but did you know that runners continue to burn fat after they have finished their run, more than people who don’t run at all. So if you want to burn fat fast, dig out your running shoes. However if running is not your thing, then have a look at these next tips to get your work out, working harder for you. 


Start your work out hard

Once you have warmed up, trying working out harder and faster during the first section of your workout then slowing down towards the end. Research has shown that this burns more fat than doing it the other way around. If you work out hard to start with, it can increase your metabolism for hours afterwards. So make sure you work out hard and fast, and then slow down, rather than building up gradually, to lose the fat quicker. 


Try strength training

Strength training builds up muscles and burns fat but doing it slowly can work even more effectively. Using dumbells slowly, can increase muscle better than using machines so if you want to burn off the fat, dig out the dumb bells and train slowly and deliberately, every day. Your muscles will increase as your fat burns off – win-win. 


Scott Reid from focusperformance.co.uk said “combine strength and conditioning type training with the 105 Plan and the fat will fall off”.


Wear a weight vest

Try walking while wearing a weight vest – this has been shown to increase calorie burn so put your walking shoes on while wearing a vest for improved fat burning. Another addition to your walk which can help is using walking poles to increase resistance and burn more calories than walking unaided. 


Try out kettlebells

Work out with kettlebells to help build muscle – working out for 20 minutes with kettlebells can burn as many calories as running a 6 minute mile speed so definitely worth a try when you are trying to burn off that holiday excess, particularly if you don’t like running. Add kettlebells to your workout and see the difference in no time. 


Regular circuit training

Training for just 20 minutes a day but consistently, five days a week, is a great way to burn off the holiday calories. Create a set of exercises and do three reps each to create a circuit that takes 20 minutes, then repeat daily. Make sure you combine a variety of exercises to keep you focussed and work every part of your body and this approach alone will really help to keep those extra pounds at bay. 


Take to the pool 

Try adding swimming to your current exercise routine – the resistance of the water will help to strengthen and tone your body and burn off calories at the same time. Set yourself swimming challenges so that you have targets to aim for. 


Take to your bike

Why not dust off your bike and start cycling to help burn off that holiday fat. Adding in regular cycle rides to your weekly routine will help to work off those stubborn extra calories once and for all, not to mention getting you out into the fresh air as well. 


We all need to lose a few pounds after an indulgent holiday period so remember, you are not alone and with a little perseverance and by following the exercises outlined above, your excess weight should quickly become a distant memory. 


The key is slight alterations to your existing exercise regimen. Adding more weights, increasing the speed and resistance, in your current training schedule, consistently and regularly, should be just the boost your body needs to shed those extra pounds. 


If you are looking to lose a lot of weight or are new to exercising then you should seek advice from your doctor and from a professional personal trainer or gym instructor before you start trying out brand new exercise routines, so that you don’t end up hurting yourself. 

But as you can see, there are plenty of quick and easy ways for you to crank up your physical activity to burn off extra calories, which you can use at any time of year, not just after the holidays.


About Guest Blogger Scott Reid: 

Scott is a sports and fitness writer and writes full time for Focus Performance. When not in front of his computer or spending time in the gym you can see him hanging out in his favourite coffee shop devouring the latest Stephen King novel. 




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