Upgrade Your Life with Gratitude Journaling

My Gratitude Journal Story

I started journaling in 2012, and it literally changed my life. I was in a job that wasn’t fulfilling to my spirit or soul, I was less than thrilled with living in Wisconsin, and I knew that something in my life had to change.

I felt like I was living in the movie Groundhog’s day. Every damn day was the same. Every year it was more of the same. I was about to implode. Then I realized, if I wanted things to change, I had to change my perspective.

I wasn’t being grateful for the things I had in my life. I started to give thanks to my job. I was sincerely grateful for all the company had given me. They were, after all, the best company I had ever worked for. My boss was the best boss I had ever had – and when I began to look at my work life like this, things began to shift.

I wanted to move somewhere warm and sunny. I was frozen for eight years in Wisconsin. As a native Californian, you can only imagine the culture shock moving to a small town in South Eastern Wisconsin.

I started journaling what I wanted my new life to look like in California; I started telling strangers that we were moving. Slowly but surely, 2 years later my husband accepted a job offer in San Diego. We were MOVING!!!

Now, 4 years later, I’m living my life in sunny Southern California!

Miracles of Keeping an Active Gratitude Journal

What do I mean by an active gratitude journal? It means that you pay attention to your journal like it was your best friend. It will give you gifts that you couldn’t even begin to imagine. Don’t ignore a gift with such super powers!

When I first started writing, I truly believed that my life was going to change. But, my faith was tested when nothing was happening. I did question if it was working, but when I let go of MY timing and surrendered to MY PLANS, that when things started to transform. Repeating what I wanted for my life over and over again out loud, it eventually happened.

Many people have shared with me they just can’t keep up with writing in their journal every day, that’s “it’s too time consuming”. I totally get it. There are times that I put a pause on my writing too. I have adopted new habits and have tried other ideas to see how they work, but nothing worked as well as gratitude journaling.

The point is to not put pressure on yourself, just go with the flow. When you want things to change in your life bad enough, that’s when the journal will find its way back into your life.

The Meaning of Gratitude

Gratitude takes many different shapes and forms. By definition, it means to be thankful and / or to give thanks. As for me, it means to start living your life as if every day was a miracle. I can tell you from experience, that when you live from this space, life is as gorgeous as ten thousand diamonds sparkling in a small room.

Now, I’m not just throwing fluff up your butt. It really