10 Ways to You Can Take Control of Your Grief and Heal More Quickly

Today’s show was heavy. I was nervous about doing a show that was “sad”. But, as it would turn out, it wasn’t. It was inspiring, encouraging, motivating, and enlightening. My guest Catherine McNulty ignites us with her story about how she lost her 6 week old little boy Jackson Robert.

Learn how she turned tragedy into purpose.

The reason I did a show on Pregnancy and Infant Loss is because I know there are so many people suffering with grief. This show is to honor them, give them hope and connect them with someone who can help.

It’s tough to reach out and ask for help when you need it, but when you do, you’ll find out the journey is so much sweeter with someone who understand what you’re going through. You can connect with a community full of love and support right here on The Nikki Jencen Show.

Catherine’s mission is about DOING something rather than being a VICTIM to grief.

Here are 10 ways to control grief and heal faster by Catherine McNulty.

1. Tap into the love - Spend some time tapping into what you feel in the moment. Recognize that the amount of grief you experience is equal to the amount of love you have in your heart. Accept your grief.

2. Brain dump to ease inner turmoil –Grief is a battle between your heart and your mind. They both need to make sense of it. Morning pages with Julia Cameron – the moment you wake up, begin writing down everything that comes to your mind, unfiltered, and unedited. Do this for a minimum of 2 pages.

3. Speak their name regularly – Share who they were to you and how they impacted your life. You can do this to a friend, a coach, on social media. We do it at a memorial service but less often as we continue to grieve. What gifts did they give you? Speak it.

4. Create stillness in your body and mind – It takes practice to sit in stillness. Learn breathing exercises, utilize guided meditation. Breathe out pain and longing, breathe in peace and comfort. Answers to your questions will come to you.

5. Uncover gratitude – What can you be grateful for right now, in this moment. Choose 3 each day. Write them down and carry them with you.

6. Find a supportive environment –Grieving alone is counter to the heal process. Find a support group, church group or coach who can help shift your grief into purpose.

7. Be in action to honor your loved one – donate to a charity, engage with a charity, help someone else who needs it. Do it in honor and service of their memory.