Beating Cancer with Alternative Methods

Cancer. What a scary word. It’s the word no one wants to hear. I pray that you or I never have to hear this word.

Many families have been plagued with this dis-ease. I know many who have battled with cancer. Some have won the battle while others are now at peace in heaven.

In honor and celebration of those in fight of their life, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month (not Susan G. Komen style), to bring light and hope that healing cancer naturally is possible.

While everyone is talking about conventional methods this month, I wanted to talk about alternatives to healing cancer.

As my friend Ty Bollinger says Founder of The Truth About Cancer, “cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence.”

My Guest

Meet Shannon Knight, a two-time breast cancer survivor who said “no!” to conventional medicine. She did however say “yes” to a mastectomy which left her with a terrible, debilitating staph infection. Read more of Shannon’s story here.

Shannon now spends her days coaching and motivating others to win against the cancer battle…naturally! She has been cancer free for over 6 years.

The question Shannon often receives is how did she beat it? While she explains the healing process more in depth on the show, she mentions many times that is wasn’t diet that healed her.

Research shows sugar feeds cancer.

Shannon admits she omits sugar most of the time, but on occasion, she will still have a cocktail on Sundays and champagne to celebrate special occasions with friends. Shannon divulged that she primarily follows a Paleo / Keto diet which can keep cancer away.

Shannon did not heal cancer through juicing as many alternative methods suggest. Since she cannot get past the taste of kale and other greens, Shannon chose not to use this healing modality. She does however, have a supplement regime that she follows daily which I will get to in a moment.

Cancer loves a negative mind.

Shannon believes that having a strong positive outlook on life is a huge contributor to healing cancer. While she did partake in treatments at the CMN Alternative Cancer Center in Mexico ( and thankfully those treatments worked, but it was not the cure all. Shannon mentions that it was truly God and faith that had a huge impact on curing her.

There are never any guarantees in life – even with healing cancer conventionally. But if you are facing a diagnosis of cancer, at least you have options. The choice is yours to make. Go with your gut as to what is best for you.