Struggling with School Lunch? Read on!

As a chef and blogger, I felt a huge responsibility to make my kids lunch perfect. To get inspiration, I’d go on Pinterest and suddenly feel greatly overwhelmed by the cute lunch boxes, perfectly cut out sandwiches, and the little heart felt note written out with perfect hand writing. All of a sudden, the feeling of incompetence crept up, making me loath making lunch for my kids. So, silly, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Pinterest, but come on! Get real! Who has the time for that? My nights and mornings are crazy enough! Then to top it off, after making them a Pinterest perfect lunch, it comes back with nothing eaten. Ugh. Why try?

The frustration of it all leads me to quit altogether! Then I’m faced with the fact that I don’t want my kids to eat processed garbage at school. So back to making lunches. I asked them what they wanted instead of me dictating what they were going to eat. That actually made a huge difference. The good part is, the kids still made “healthy” choices! I understand we need to hit all of the food groups for health sake but if you don’t, don’t freaking sweat it. Your kids will survive.

Hey, I’m just a Mom doing my best. That’s it.

I remember my daughter coming home one day saddened that all of her friends had cute little notes in their lunches and she didn’t have one. Of course, more Mom guilt crept in…but the next day I sent a little note in and that was the end of that.

This week’s episode on The Nikki Jencen Show is about giving your kids what they need nutritionally but don’t sweat the small stuff like making it look pretty or adding a little note each day. Just do what you can, and do your best.

What I do… it’s really easy, and fast!

I make my kids a small little fruit salad, add a little deli meat on the side, with a granola bar, and some cheese and call it a day. If you’re kids like sandwiches, do it up! Sadly, my kids will not eat sandwiches and they end up in the garbage (which drives me freaking bonkers!).

If you’re looking for some lunch box ideas here are my favs – the most important aspects of lunch boxes etc. for me is they need to be easy to clean. If not, they end up smelling like a garbage can!

Here’s my favs on Amazon (FYI, affiliate links are being provided)

  • Wildkin Lunch Boxes – easy to open, easy to clean, perfect for a boy or girl since they come in multiple colors:

  • Fit and Fresh Bento Box with Reusable BPA Free Plastic Containers with Insulated Lunch Bag and Ice Packs – everything you need in a lunch box, and it comes in really cute patterns!:

  • HemingWeigh Insulated Lunch Bag – this is perfect for older kids with after school activities!:


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What the winner gets! This is SUPER awesome…The winner will get 1 week of lunch sent to their child’s school by I wanted to give a Mom a chance to relax, and not have to worry about lunch for their kids for a whole week!