My Kid Has LICE! Now What?

I was in denial that my kids would NEVER get LICE! Somehow, they would be immune to the blood sucking little nuisances. But I was soo wrong! It’s not that their school was dirty or the kids are poor and dirty…It’s actually quite the opposite for my kids. They go to school with clean rich kids! So how did this happen? Well, it can happen to anybody really, including me!

As you’ll hear my story in The Nikki Jencen Show, I was curling my daughter’s hair for Spring pictures and there they were...BUGS!! I lost full control of myself. I couldn’t think of what to do, and I forgot basic common sense. I was spinning out of my mind.

Luckily, a little voice inside my head told me to call a co-worker, so I did. She told me to go to a local place that will take care of it all in one day…but what I didn’t know is there business doesn’t kill all of the nits, so the lice can come back even if you paid for their guarantee. Ugh.

They are called, “nit pickers”, and you will hear Kelli refer to them in the show. They charge astronomical fees, but their approach doesn’t solve it all. Lice Clinics of America, on the other hand, has an amazing machine that actually kills the nits, and the bugs using a three-step process. This guarantees the bugs will be gone for good, unless someone else gives you back the bug again. But that won’t happen because you’ll be armed with good products! Keep reading…

Kelli debunks some myths like “just use essential oils”…Using essential oils like peppermint oil can prevent the spread of lice, but won’t actually kill them. Kelli suggests using a silicone base oil that will suffocate the bug. Just using regular oil, such as olive oil won’t work. The bugs can hold their breath for up to 8 hours, so unless you’re going to saturate your head with olive oil for over 8 hours, that approach will not work.

Kelli suggests using, a lice prevention kit by Lice Clinics of America. Just click the link and save your family from lice! Learn from my mistakes, and be proactive! I wish I would have been…It would have saved me $400, time, embarrassment, and getting let go from my job! Which was a blessing in disguise, but none the less…just get the preventative and save yourself!

Kelli also suggests purchasing the Terminator comb. She describes this comb in detail as to why it’s the best to use for preventative care and to use in the real case of a breakout. I purchased my comb from the place I went to and spent $20! But, by clicking this link, you will save $9.50! Click now to purchase your Terminator comb here.

Here’s another tip you will need to think about that wasn’t mentioned on the show. What about clothes, furniture, and carpeting etc...?! I threw everything away when we had lice, because I was in fear that everything was infested!

After getting advice from Kelli, she said simply vacuuming the floors and washing and drying everything on high heat will suffice. If you’re freaked out and want a spray for your home, I like this spray by Eco Defense.

As Kelli says, “spread the word, not the lice”!

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