Women Changing Our Future 

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"How to Communicate with Your Husband on Your Children's Health"

with Founder Nikki Jencen


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A virtual learning academy that teaches Women how to live their best life.


Living your best life means:


      You want to be happy, healthy and fit

      You want to raise happy, healthy children 

      You want alternatives to modern medicine

      You want to help people live their best life

      You want a sound mind, body, and spirit 

      You want to heal old wounds that hold you back


Who is perfect for Women's Wellness Academy?




      wants to better themselves

      is driven to learn natural ways of living

      wants to learn to cook healthy for their children

      wants to STOP the cycles of sickness in their family

      wants to INSPIRE others

      wants to IGNITE the truth

      wants to CHANGE their eating habits

      is open to new opportunities, and personal growth

If you’re in a place in your life where you feel stuck, empty, looking for answers, yearning for connection with other like-minded Women, and for a school to teach you how to heal your family naturally, than you’re in the right place.  









What is WWA?

Raising Your Children 

au naturel...

They deserve the best care, which is Mothers medicine. Learn how...

They Are Our Future

Do you wish Motherhood came with a manual? 


Women's Wellness Academy will teach you how to heal your family naturally using natural homemade remedies, homeopathy, essential oils, meditation, positive thinking and so much more! 


Are you an expecting Mom?


No, we won't make you read "What To Expect When You're Expecting"...We will support you on your journey in Motherhood, whether your a first time Mom, or a 3rd time Mom. Mothers need to be supported and find their tribe. Especially when parents want to raise their children naturally. 











What's Your Why? 


In order to make a change you have to have a big enough reason. Here are some Why's...


Your children need you to know how to care for them naturally


Your health depends on it  


Your husband needs you to know this life saving information


Your future depends on it


Our planet depends on it 


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Meet The Founder

I asked the Universe, "what's next?". The answer came to me that I need to be of service to other Women because they are our future. After months of visions, Women's Wellness Academy emerged. It was a process that took months to develop, co-create, and manifest. 


Women's Wellness Academy is a service to man kind. It's what is needed right now. I feel I was divinely guided to create such a magnificent school that will touch many lives for generations to come. 


Thank you for being apart of this journey with me. 


~Nikki Jencen, Founder 

(262) 613-8267

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